Poster for LAT17 Thirty, Single and Fantastic (18+)

LAT17 Thirty, Single and Fantastic

Director: Chava Cartas
Cast: Bárbara Mori, Jordi Mollà, Héctor Bonilla, Natasha Dupeyrón & Angélica Aragón
Duration: 98 mins
Rating: 18+
Release Date: 16 November, 2017

Inés (Bárbara Mori) was content with her career as a newspaper columnist before breaking up with her long-term boyfriend. At first, she is quick to enjoy her newfound freedom, although she soon plunges into a state of uncertainty as she faces what she considers the less-than-ideal prospect of being a single woman in her 30s.

Catapulted into a personal crisis but with definite comic effect, Inés commences a tumultuous journey of self-discovery fueled by her intense heartbreak and confusion. Her biological clock is ticking steadily, and she is forced to confront her own demons with the hope of finding her feet and regaining her self-confidence.


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“Entertaining and very funny” – Cine Premiere

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