PALACE NOVA - Sophisticated Cinema

Bringing you the world’s best films - Arthouse, Hollywood, Festivals and Events.

The Palace & Nova Cinemas opened in 1996 & 1997. 3 years later the two cinemas joined forces in South Australia to become what you now know as the Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas. In 2009 the Imax building also came on board; adding to the business it’s flagship screen, and Adelaide’s largest - the ExiMax, increasing the number of cinemas to 10.

The Cinemas are located in the heart of the city in close proximity to each other on cosmopolitan Rundle Street. Cinemas 1-7, including the ExiMax, are located in the Palace building (3 Cinema Pl, Off 250 Rundle St) - Cinemas 8, 9 & 10 are located in the Nova building (251 Rundle St).

We are not a franchised group or public-listed company. We are proud to offer an alternative to multiplex (or mainstream) cinemas, in that we run a mix of fine film, blockbusters, operas, special events, and film festivals.

We set ourselves further apart by presenting this varied film offering in a sophisticated environment. All our cinemas are licensed throughout, providing not only the usual cinema food of popcorn and soft drink; but also an extensive wine list, barista coffee, cheese and antipasto platters. As of December 2011 Palace Nova are proud to have completed conversion of all cinemas to the latest, innovative, high-quality digital film.