Palace Gift Cards make thoughtful gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones. Gift cards can be used to purchase from the box office or bars of any Palace Cinemas location in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, and are valid for any session, every day of the year! 
Gift Cards
Palace Gift Cards come in any denomination from $30 - $200. The amount on the card can be used in one or many transactions. No change is issued if the card isn’t fully used or if it expires before the card limit is reached.
Purchasing Palace Gift Cards
Gift Cards can be purchased online at the Palace Shop, or at any Palace Cinemas box office in person with cash, credit card or by eftpos. Gift Cards cannot be purchased by telephone. Gift Cards cannot be purchased using other Gift Cards. 
Using Palace Gift Cards
Palace Gift Cards can be used as payment for nearly anything at Palace! Tickets (full-priced or concession, festival & event tickets, 2-4-1 tickets etc), items from the café bars, Palace Movie Club memberships, dvds, cds and promotional items. At present, Gift Cards are not able to be used for online or phone transactions. Also, Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase movie money, other gift cards, bar vouchers or gift vouchers. 
Minimum transaction amount
The minimum transaction per use is $10, as it is for credit and eftpos transactions at Palace Cinemas. If a Gift Card has a value of less than $10 remaining on it, a split payment (eg cash and Gift Card) is possible, however the transaction value still needs to be $10 or greater. 
Expiry date
Palace Gift Cards have a 12 month validity. The expiry date is manually written on the card at the point of sale.
Gift Card account balances
Palace Staff are now able to check your card balance at the time of purchase. We can do this before you decide on your purchases also.
Q. Can the card be used to purchase film festival tickets?
A. Yes, Palace Gift Cards can be used to purchase tickets to film festivals and special events, provided the tickets are purchased in person at the box office. The only items that cannot be purchased with a gift card are gift vouchers, movie dollars, bar vouchers and other gift cards. 
Q. How can I find out how much money is left on the card?
A.  Palace Staff are now able to check your card balance at the time of purchase at the box office. 
Q. Can I extend the expiry on the gift card?
A. No, Palace Gift Cards are only valid for 12 months from date of purchase. This is clearly indicated on each card. Please check the terms and conditions of purchase below for further details. 
Q. If I buy this for a friend interstate, can it be used at Palace Cinemas is Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane?
A. Yes. 
Q. What happens if I lose the card?
A. As stated in the terms and conditions of the card, lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced. 
Q. Is there a minimum purchase with the gift card?
A. Yes, $10 is the minimum spend, just as for credit card and eftpos purchases. 
This card can be redeemed at any Palace Cinema 24 hours after purchase. This card may not be re-sold and is not redeemable for cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be refunded or replaced. This card will expire 12 months from date of purchase and any balance that remains after that date will not be available for use. This card is not to be used to purchase gift vouchers, gift cards or books of ticket offers.